Friday, September 19, 2008

Live-blogging madness!

A quick note that I'll hopefully be live-blogging tonight's men's hockey exhibition game between Queen's and the RMC Paladins. It's out in Gananoque, and I don't know if they have Internet connections in their press box, but if they do, There Will Be Blog (of the live variety). Puck-drop is set for 7 p.m. Tomorrow, I'm taking the fan bus to Toronto to cover the football game between Queen's and the Varsity Blues, and I've been assured their press box is fully connected, so you can count on a live blog of that game here (barring unforeseen complications). I'll hopefully have a preview of the football game up either later tonight or first thing in the morning before I leave. Kick-off is at 1 p.m. If anyone reading this will be on the fan bus or at the pre-game party, feel free to say hi! I should be easy to recognize, as it's doubtful that there will be too many mustached guys wearing ties and carrying laptops...


  1. I don't know if Gananoque has a press box!

    Did you stop at Square Boys for a slice?

  2. It turns out that, as you say, the Gan press box didn't exist, so that live blog didn't work out. Will have thoughts on the game up shortly, though. I have been to Varsity Stadium's press box last year, though, and not only does it exist, it has Internet access, so barring any massive problems, tomorrow's live blog of the game should be good to go.

  3. Also, didn't see Short Boys. Is it near the arena? The only food outlets I saw were Dixie Lee Chicken, Timmy's and McD's (and sadly, my hunger and caffeine addiction meant I hit up two of the three during my six hours there)...