Saturday, April 28, 2007

The cat from Medicine Hat

Trevor Linden is the main reason not named Luongo that the Vancouver Canucks are still in the playoffs and not out on the golf course. He currently leads the team with 6 points, 1 ahead of Taylor Pyatt and 3 ahead of such luminaries as Markus Naslund and Daniel Sedin. However, what's even more impressive is the clutch timing of his points. Both of his goals were game-winners in the Dallas series, coming in Games 4 and 7. He also added an assist in Game 7, and set up the winning goals in Game 3 of the Dallas series and Game 2 of the current Anaheim series. Linden had a solid regular season with 12 goals and 25 points, a considerable improvement over last year's 7 goals and 16 points. In the playoffs though, he has taken his game to another level, as he usually does: there's a good reason that he has an impressive 98 points in 121 career playoff games. Linden has always led by example, and will play a major role in any further success the Canucks may have this post-season.

By the way, if you don't understand the title reference, check out you'll be glad you did!

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