Sunday, March 16, 2008

And the upsets continue...

The Brock Badgers just knocked off the giant-killing Acadia Axemen to win the CIS national hoops championship. Pretty impressive when a #7 seed who didn't even make the OUA finals can pull off this kind of a win: it really shows the depth of the league. Plenty of people will probably use this win to further the case for expanding the tournament to 16 teams, which as I mentioned yesterday, I'm all in favour of, as long as it is an actual expansion rather than just a renaming of the regional finals. The game itself was a pretty good match: largely defensive overall, but some excellent play from both sides. I was particularly impressed with Owen White (MVP of the championships, who put up 12 points and 9 rebounds) down low and Mike Kemp's shooting from the perimeter (he put up 23 points, grabbed three offensive rebounds, and made six of 13 attempts from deep). White definitely looks a lot like Edgar Davids (Dutch midfielder currently playing for Ajax) with his glasses and dreadlocks: he did a nice job of pulling Brock into the finals, and put up another great effort with all the pressure on. It was nice to see how close the game was too, keeping viewers interested until the end. In many ways, it was a fitting end to a great tournament: the unlikely underdogs themselves upset by an even unlikelier champion.

Update: The game story from Michael Grange of the Globe. Nice to see a CIS story at the top of

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