Saturday, September 27, 2008

The best laid plans of mice and bloggers...

Apologies for the lack of a live blog: I wound up outside the main press box in the stands due to a space shortage, and the pouring rain kept me from even taking out the computer until now. Fortunately, Neate is watching from home and has plenty of live-blogging coverage: check it out at Out of Left Field. Halftime score here is Queen's 23, Western 0. The Gaels are winning this one in the trenches: the offensive line is giving quarterback Dan Brannagan tons of time and opening holes for running back Mike Giffin, while the defensive line and linebackers have been bringing tons of pressure on Western quarterback Michael Faulds and his running backs all day, resulting in a couple of sacks, a number of thrown away balls and little offensive yardage on the ground. The other significant thing thus far has been the play of Western long-snapper Conor Elliot: his first two snaps flew way over the head of punter Daryl Wheeler, resulting in a safety and fumble, which was recovered and shortly led to a touchdown. If you take those nine points off the board, this one's far closer, and maybe the momentum changes completely. Anyways, the rain's coming back, so it's sayonara from Kingston, but I'll check in after the game with a GBU breakdown.

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