Friday, September 26, 2008

Campus Corner: Plans for tomorrow's live-blog...

A big shout-out to Dan Pawliw for throwing to this blog in his terrific weekly Queen's Football Club Newsletter. Just to let everyone interested know: I will be doing my best to live-blog tomorrow's Queen's - Western game (kick-off: 1 p.m. ET), but a lot depends on the weather. Due to the media crush covering the match, there's a good chance I'll be in the regular bleachers instead of the press box itself, which may lead to difficulties in case of rain. There's also a possibility I'll be in the press box serving as a spotter for announcer Tim Cunningham, which would help with the weather but probably keep me from trying to do every play the way I did last week: if this happens, I'll check in periodically here with big plays, updates and analytical thoughts on the game. Either way, there will almost certainly be some form of live-blogging going on here, but it's unclear at this point exactly what form that will take. I'll also be checking in with a full preview later tonight. Until then, some pieces to get you set for this game:

- Neate's excellent preview, focusing on how the weather might affect things [Out of Left Field]

- The Kingston Whig-Standard has plenty of coverage from Gaels' beat reporter Clint Walper, including this piece on the Gaels' receiving depth, this interview with Scott Valberg and this piece on the television coverage, which includes the interesting tidbit that Jason Sands, The Score's supervising producer, expects this game to break their regular-season audience record of 68,000.

- The Score's Andy Baechler has a good preview piece focusing on Dan Brannagan.

- Tyler King has the audio transcript of yesterday's press conference with head coach Pat Sheahan [CFRC Sports]. He has also promised 45 minutes of football coverage on today's show (4 p.m.,

- I also have a piece in today's Journal arguing that this is the most important Homecoming game in a long, long while, complete with a by-the-numbers breakdown and details of the past five Homecoming contests.

- Update, 8:39 P.M. Neate is also planning to live-blog the game over at Out of Left Field, which will definitely be worth a look.

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