Saturday, October 18, 2008

Power outage

Apologies for the lack of blogging around these parts lately. It's been a pretty crazy week and a bit. As usual, Thanksgiving completely screws with the Journal's schedule: we had to put together our usual Friday paper on Thursday the same as always the week before, but we didn't actually print it until Tuesday on the rationale that next to no students would be around Friday to read it. As you can imagine, that makes things particularly difficult for a sports section: you can't preview any of the upcoming weekend games because they'll already have happened by the time the paper hits the street, but you can't write game recaps for them because they haven't yet happened by your deadline. It's like one of those time-traveling paradoxes. We got around it by covering a soccer game from that Wednesday and some other sports that we didn't have space for in the previous Tuesday's issue, plus running a less time-dependent piece on various coaches' and players' reactions to the controversial proposed arena move.*

*I'll have my own post on this shortly, but for now, here's some links to the details. First, the initial Journal story that broke the news on October 7, by my colleague Clare Clancy. Clare then had a good follow-up piece on the 14th with the financial details involved to accompany my previously-linked-to reaction piece and our editorial on the matter (mostly on the project as a whole, but there's a bit on how this shouldn't be considered without talking to the students). Tyler also has a good post on the matter.

Anyway, the aforementioned time lag of Tuesday's issue made things considerably busy last week, and I had to catch a bus to the Toronto airport Thursday night just hours after we finished the paper, so there wasn't a great deal of time for blogging. I then spent the weekend in Orlando with my uncle at Disney World's Food and Wine Festival, and all the free time I had there went into coordinating our web coverage of the weekend games (we decided that we'd post short recaps of what happened so people could read them Tuesday and then replace them with full stories in yesterday's paper). I didn't get back from there until Monday, and then this week was crazy with trying to catch up on all the sports we missed from last weekend for Friday's issue. In any case, things should be back to a slightly more regular schedule now, and I'm hoping to put up several posts over the next few days to make up for the time I missed. Again, apologies for the lack of new material here: hope to make it up to the two or three of you still reading in the near future!

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