Friday, August 07, 2009

Centre field

Well, I'm off for the weekend for a softball tournament, so things will be light around here for a little while. I should be back with fresh content Monday, and I've got plenty planned for next week, including my thoughts on the latest developments in the Phoenix Coyotes' case, a few thoughts on ESPN's Twitter policy, a post on how Rogers' approach to the Blue Jays is all wrong, more interviews from my The Good Point piece and much more. Until then, here's a couple links to other pieces I wrote this week that you may not have seen and a few things from around the web.

- The initial instalment of my new weekly CFL column, The Whole 110 Yards, over at The Rookies.

- My weekly The Phoenix Pub column focused on the success of the B.C. Premier Baseball League this week.

- A piece I wrote at Canuck Puck on the elevation Mike Gillis to president and general manager.

- James Mirtle has a good take on the Coyotes' mess [From The Rink].

- Why The Denver Post thinks JR Smith's associated with The Bloods [Style Points]

- Eyebleaf pays tribute to Jeremy Roenick [Sports and the City]

- Skating Tomato on why the Michael Crabtree saga shows the problems with the NFL's rookie contracts [The Rookies].

- Check out BC Lions Den for everything on tonight's Lions-Riders matchup.

Here's some music to get you in a baseball mood for the weekend. Play me off, John Fogerty!

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  1. Thanks for the link. Don't pull a Vernon Wells (read: suck) at softball.