Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Link Train: Living in the limelight

This is a new daily feature I'm going to be running (and yes, I did steal the name). The plan is to post a music video and a list of the most interesting links from the various sports I tend to write about each night. There will be a partial focus on the teams I tend to write about, but there will also be plenty of room for stories from around different leagues and other sports. Submissions and comments are welcomed, either in the comments section of the previous night's post or via e-mail or Twitter. Enjoy!

Video Of The Day: To go with the efforts (led by Stephen of Stephen on Stuff) to make Rush a trending topic, here's Rush with Limelight.

My Links:

- A piece I wrote on Y.E. Yang's unexpected victory over Tiger Woods in the PGA Championship [The Rookies].

The Best Of The Intertubes:


- Duane Rollins weighs in on yesterday's Toronto FC win (which I live blogged here) [The 24th Minute].

- Jason Davis has some good thoughts on the similarities and differences between Freddy Adu and Charlie Davies [Match Fit USA].

- Adam Soucie takes a look at ESPN's EPL broadcast schedule [Soucie On Soccer].

- Sam on why he thinks Manchester United will repeat as English Premier League champions [The Canadian Stretford End].

- Adam (of Avoiding The Drop fame) has a two-part newbies' guide to soccer [The Phoenix Pub].


- An excellent back-and-forth between Eyebleaf and Joe Posnanski about Joe's article where he proposed calling bad contracts "Ricciardis". I'm obviously on Joe's side in this one, but regardless of who you agree with, it's tremendous to see that level of insightful discussion between a blogger and a mainstream writer [Sports And The City].

- Jonah Keri has a great piece on Carl Crawford's amazing year [Sports Illustrated, via Minda Haas at Getting To First Base].

- Should the Jays go after Jason Bay in the off-season? [Infield Fly]

- A report on former fourth-overall pick Adam Loewen, a high-school classmate of mine and former BCPBL star who's trying to work his way back to the majors as an everyday player [Mopup Duty]

- My favourite Yankees fan, Chad, breaks down why Mark Teixeira may not be a shoo-in for AL MVP just yet [Behind The Moat].

- Drew Fairservice on why it isn't wise to try and open hotel doors with Blue Jays' gift cards [Ghostrunner on First].

- Aaron Fischman takes us around the majors, karaoke-style [Dodger Blue Blog].


- Vanya Tucherov weighs in on the B.C. Lions' win over the Toronto Argonauts Friday (another game I live-blogged) [B.C. Lions Den]. I'll have more on the game and the rest of the week's CFL action in my The Whole 110 Yards column Tuesday at The Rookies.

- Rookies coworker Samer Ocho Cinco previews the NFC North. [Second String Fullback].

- Michael Bean previews what the Steelers' 53-man roster may look like [Behind The Steel Curtain].

- Clinton Portishead on who's a worse human being: Michael Vick or Dante Stallworth? [Style Points].

- Josh Zerkle on the NFL's rookie salary cap [With Leather].

- Donovan McNabb turns over a new leaf [Hugging Harold Reynolds].


- James Mirtle on the bankruptcy cases in Phoenix and Nashville [From The Rink].

- Greg Wyshynski's thoughts on Mark Messier's new gig with the Rangers [Puck Daddy].

- Sean Zandberg weighs in on why the Canucks may not have all that drastic of a need for a puck-moving defenceman [Nucks Misconduct]

- Tom Benjamin on how Bruce Dowbiggin took him out of context and unfairly blamed the blogosphere in the Patrick Kane saga [Canucks Corner].


- Rob Mahoney on why Dirk Nowitzki won't be playing for Germany at this summer's European Championships [The Two-Man Game, via Kevin Arnovitz of TrueHoop].

- David Berri on how the Rockets may be in better shape than many think [The Wages of Wins].

- Scott Lewis has the top ten highlight-reel plays from the Raptors last year [Jurassic Hoops].


- Jay Busbee has some good thoughts on Yang's win, and why it's likely the most significant upset in pro golf history [Devil Ball Golf].

- Adam Best on 30 different sports figures who could be aliens [Fan Addict].


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