Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Link Train: Where we go to a Sadie Hawkins dance

Still working on figuring out the best time for this feature. Any thoughts on when you'd like to see it? As always, let me know in the comments or via Twitter, Facebook or e-mail. Be sure to leave your submissions for upcoming editions as well!

Video Of The Day: Relient K - Sadie Hawkins Dance

I've always liked this song. For one thing, it's a nice anthem for us somewhat nerdy types. For another thing, it reminds you of the dangers of egotism; thinking you're a big deal usually is a prerequisite to a fall.

My Links:

- None of the stories I've written this week have been posted yet, but you can check out this video I did for The South Delta Leader on the opening of the new Canada Line transit system Monday:

The Best Of The Intertubes:


- The great Tom Benjamin fills Greg Wyshynski in on the five reasons he loves hockey. Benjamin's long been one of my favourite writers, so it's pretty cool to see why he likes the game [Puck Daddy].

- Benjamin also has a good look at the Red Wings' signing of Todd Bertuzzi [Canucks Corner].

- David Backes and Ryan Kesler playing together for Team USA? That might be a bit awkward after Kesler's comments about Backes' wife during last year's playoffs [Nucks Misconduct].

- Chemmy brings us a public service announcement on behalf of Leafs' defenceman Luke Schenn [Pension Plan Puppets].

- Claude Lemieux will join a cast of former NHLers and figure skaters on the CBC figure skating show Battle Of The Blades this fall. Think of it as Dancing With The Stars, but on ice. Will Kris Draper go all Tonya Harding on Lemieux? [James Mirtle, From The Rink].


- Joe Posnanski breaks down the real reason Brett Favre came back. It's not what you think; it's much, much worse! [JoeBlog]

- Minda Haas gets her hands on a Heisman Trophy. Could she be a darkhorse candidate this year? [Getting To First Base].

- lowercase breaks down the Mountain West Conference [The Phoenix Pub].

- It's not just the Raiders' coaches who fight. But who would have guessed the Bills would be next? [Los Angeles Times, via The AP's Dave Goldberg].


- Ian Hunter on the surprising humanity of Roy Halladay [The Blue Jay Hunter].

- Keith Law takes down the Jays' failure to sign three of their first four picks [Drunk Jays Fans].

- Aaron Fischman looks at the state of the Dodgers [Dodger Blue Blog].

- Will Carroll has some nice praise for Joe Posnanski's The Machine (which will be released to the general public on 09/09/09!). "If there's a better sports book this year, I haven't read it." Can't wait to buy this one. [Twitter]


- Chuck Knoblockhead examines the real reason behind the Rick Pitino restaurant affair, with the help of Bill James and "Babermetrics" [Style Points].

- Did Shaq steal his reality TV show plan from former Suns' teammate Steve Nash? [Fully Clips]

- A Kevin Garnett Chelsea jersey? Would have expected KG to show better taste than that. [Ball Don't Lie].

- Nat looks at the Raptors' acquisitions of Amir Johnson and Sonny Weems [Heels on Hardwood].


- Sam breaks down Manchester United's disappointing loss to Burnley [The Canadian Stretford End].

- Ginge looks at if World Soccer Daily host Steven Cohen is going after Antony Ananins, the man who organized the advertising boycott of Cohen's show [Ginge Talks The Footy].

- Looking at the MLS teams heading in to the playoffs [Avoiding The Drop].

Other Sports:

- Usain Bolt follows in JFK's footsteps [Chris Chase, Fourth-Place Medal].

That does it for today's edition of The Link Train. Send me your submissions for tomorrow!


  1. I was really surprised that Doc got lit up - that was his worst start of the year (which oddly enough, wasn't actually all that bad). He'll be back and firing on all cyldinders next time.

  2. Yeah, you rarely see that. You're quite right that it wasn't that bad, and no one's perfect all the time. Still, quite unusual.