Saturday, August 29, 2009

Live blogs, links and programming notes

Work unfortunately got in the way of writing here again, so I haven't been around for a while. That should hopefully change in the next little while, and the first item in the line is a live blog; I'll be live-blogging the Vancouver Whitecaps - Rochester Rhinos game tonight from the press box at Swangard, and then should have a post-game piece up tomorrow. Kickoff is at 10 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Pacific, so come join me here (or at The 24th Minute or Epic Footy] then! In other programming notes, the daily Link Trains will return Monday and I should hopefully have a few original pieces up here this week as well. Until then, here's some links to my stuff and the best of the Interwebs from the past week, as well as some music.

Video of the Day: Spirit of the West - Home for a Rest

A classic party song from a Vancouver band. Many people have probably heard this one in bars or clubs without any idea of who it's from, but the band's actually pretty good and quite well-known out here on the West Coast. I saw them play live at a New Year's Eve concert in Surrey a few years ago, and they put on a great show. Excellent music for your weekend.

My Links:

- A take on Vancouver trading for Christian Ehrhoff and Brad Lukowich [Canuck Puck].

- I explored if sharks should really be trading with orcas, threw in some music and added links in last night's Last Call post [The Rookies].

- My weekly Phoenix Pub column looked at the history, value, rules, teams and alumni of the CFL this week [The Phoenix Pub].

- Also on the CFL front, this week's edition of my weekly column, The Whole 110 Yards, featured the Blue Bombers' destruction of the Lions, a look back at the Las Vegas Posse and a take on Kerry "The Barber" Watkins [The Rookies].

- I was a guest on this week's episode (Episode 6) of The Phoenix Pubcast. We spent an hour discussing the CFL, its significance and how the various teams are doing this year. You can download the episode here [The Phoenix Pubcast].

- At my day job, I interviewed Vancouver Giants' general manager Scott Bonner about the team's training camp so far this year, their search for a more physical identity and the success of highly-touted prospects David Musil (projected as a possible top-five NHL draft pick in 2011) and Kevin Connauton (a NCAA star drafted by the Canucks in the third round last year) [The South Delta Leader].

- Not sports, but I got to write a couple of interesting news pieces this week as well. This one looked at if the Point Roberts-Tsawwassen border needs extra security in the wake of the Ryan Jenkins (the international fugitive found dead in Hope) incident, and this cover story looked at the potential expansion of beekeeping into residential zones.

The Best of the Intertubes:


- Great stuff from Brian on the Jays' season so far [Fallen Leafs].

- Joe Posnanski on why this year's Royals may be the worst ever [JoeBlog].

- Ian Hunter looks at North Van native Scott Richmond's performance this season. Richmond remains the only member of the Blue Jays I've interviewed, so I'm obviously rooting for him [Blue Jay Hunter].


- Samer has video and analysis of Alex Smith hitting Greg Ellis. That's right, a quarterback hit a defensive end. Trying to impress Mike Singletary? [Second-String Fullback].

- Looking at the best four years of the NFL's top running backs [Behind The Steel Curtain].

- Is Chad Henne the long-term solution for the Dolphins at QB? [The Phinsider].

- The University of Wisconsin is ending beer company sponsorships on their radio broadcasts in a fight against binge drinking. Yeah, that will work. [The Gally Blog].


- Analyzing the Raptors' off-season moves [Heels on Hardwood].

- Very interesting stuff from Kevin Arnovitz looking back at the debate around the construction of Madison Square Garden and the importance of architectural preservation [TrueHoop].

- Michael Jordan v. Kenny Rogers [Ball Don't Lie].


- James Mirtle's take on the Canucks' trade [From The Rink].

- Sean Zandberg looks at the new Canucks [Nucks Misconduct].

- Alex Tanguay may or may not be a member of the Tampa Bay Lightning [Puck Daddy].


- Jason Davis looks at the American company leading Russia's World Cup bid [Match Fit USA].

- Previewing Barcelona's season [Unprofessional Foul].

- Could Orlando regain a USL-1 franchise? [Soucie On Soccer].

Thanks as always for reading. Full Link Trains will return Monday. Remember to stop by tonight for the live blog!


  1. "Home For A Rest" is such a great song that even I know it, and I live in another country. Another Canadian friend recommended it to me a couple years ago, and it really is fantastic.

  2. You had a chance to interview Scott Richmond? Damn - I'm jealous! I've talked to his dad Dr. Bob, but never Scott.

    Do you have a link to the article/post somewhere?

  3. Thanks for the link, Andrew!

    Though this does remind me, I should probably get on my horse again and write another article with actual content one of these days.

  4. @Steve: It's quite amazing how popular it is. I've heard that song in bars everywhere from Ontario to the States to England. Few know the band, though.

    @Ian: Yeah, Scott seemed like a really good guy. Here's a link to the archived article, which I wrote last year after his callup. I also wrote this follow-up after his first start, and this piece on his half-brother, who pitched for Canada at the World University Baseball Championships last year.

    @Brian: No worries; sorry for the delay in linking to you! Was expecting to do link posts earlier this week, but life got in the way.