Thursday, April 30, 2015

BWB6: Yahoo's "Grandstanding" podcast

I'm in Chicago for Blogs With Balls 6 and taking plenty of notes. I'll be posting my notes from each panel here for the use of anyone who wants to check them out. Keep in mind that these are highlights, not complete transcripts; this panel's highlights are particularly short, as I was uploading a previous panel's highlights during it. Every effort is given to be as accurate as possible; apologies for any transcription mistakes. Here are my notes from the Yahoo Sports Grandstanding Podcast, which did a special episode live from BWB focused on the NFL draft.

Panelists: Jay Busbee (@jaybusbee), Kevin Kaduk (@KevinKaduk), Eric Edholm (@eric_edholm)

On the draft in Chicago: KK: "I don't think the NFL knows how this is going to go."
"They're trying to turn this into a travelling roadshow."

If drug arrests really hurt a player's stock: EE: "I don't think they put a little marijuana flag by the guy's name."
KK: "They should."

During the Q+A, former NFLer Chris Kluwe asked about the recent rush to draft quarterbacks:
EE: "I think there are quarterbacks thrown into it." (and not given enough time)
KK: "I think that's a mark of a bad organization."

Someone else asked about UCLA QB Brett Hundley:
EE on Brett Hundley: "I didn't see much difference from his first few games to his last few games. I don't think he improved that much."
"I'm not excited about him, I don't know why."
JB: "The more time we have to look at these guys, the more flaws we find with them."

Apologies for the short notes here; this was a good panel overall, but I wasn't able to take a ton of notes during it.

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